One Game, Many Players, One GREAT Story.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back From Kansas City

We went to see the Royals play Toronto in K.C. on Friday the 10th of August. The Royals lost a close one 2-1 but we had a GREAT time! Here are some of the highlights.

Before the game we went to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum!

Jami posed for a picture by a statue of "Cool Papa" Bell.

A view from our seats (Mark Teahen at the plate)

We bought four tokens to the little "K" and Jami was right in his element. He used two tickets before the game and much later in the night used the remaining two tickets. Would you know after a super nacho and a code red Mountain Dew he came back to hit behind a 12 yr. old who stood in line jawing about how many homeruns he was going to hit. Jami stood in silence just gazing out onto the miniature diamond as if it were a dream come true.
"Have fun Jame, hit that ball out in front of you." is all I said (I don't know if he even heard me) he was in a different world. It was now dark out and he was tired but TWO of his ten hits sailed over the left field fence 90+ feet!

And that kid twice his age????
~Didn't hit one~
Jami just had fun.

Proud of my Slugger! (mini Sweeney)

We were lucky enough to get a foul ball that Royals slugger Billy Butler hit. When we stayed after the game to get autographs he signed the ball and his rookie card!

We ate at George Brett's on Saturday and it was really good! There were a lot of cool artifacts from Brett's carreer there.

Just to the right of Brett's '85 Gold Glove award is the ball from his first hit.

Left of his replica statue outside of the stadium is the ball from his 3,000th hit!

Jami took a picture by the Jersey and bat George used to record his 3,000th hit!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Meeting our Royals at Gloves for Kids Event!

We attended the Royals Gloves For Kids Event in Leawood, KS on June 11. We gave a donation toward the purchase of new ball gloves for inner city youth.

We got to meet and get autographs of some of our Royals!

Maddy shakes First Baseman Ryan Shealy's hand as he gives an interview on a local sports station.

Jami poses with Catcher John Buck and waits for Outfielder Mark Teahen to sign our bat.

We told David DeJesus we watch him all the time on RSTN (Royals Sports Television Network) and he replied to the kids he can hear their cheers! They were a good group of guys and the whole event was a real good time!

Friday, April 13, 2007


We visited Mrs. Urban's 2nd grade class at Underwood Elementary today! We shared the history of Negro League Baseball by telling them stories and folklore of many former greats!

They saw vintage photographs of Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, Cool Papa Bell and many other players, a replica Monarchs wool hat, and even had a chance to try on a vintage baseball glove!

They learned a little more about:

  • Why there was such a league as the Negro League.
  • Why Josh Gibson was called "The Black Babe Ruth"
  • How fast "Cool Papa" Bell was and how he got his nickname
  • What "clowning" was
  • How the Negro League changed todays game

We hope they enjoyed our visit as much as we did!

If Mrs. Urbans students have more questions about the Negro League please email them to:

Thanks again to the kids in 2U!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Meeting a Hall of Fame Legend

Jody and Jami Marsh meet Monte Irvin H.O.F. '73.

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